Review: Woolzies® Dryer Balls – Natural and Chemical Free Fabric Softener!

I was excited to try Woolzie’s® Dryer Balls.  They are an eco-friendly, all natural fabric softener that claims to not only soften clothes naturally, but also reduce clothes drying time by 25%, reduce static cling, and help eliminate wrinkles.  They come six to a package and are made from fine New Zealand Wool.  They are hypoallergenic, chemical free, and claim to be safe for people with wool sensitivities.  I was a little leery about using wool with all my clothes, because I usually get a small hives reaction from wearing clothes made of wool.  However, the Woolzie’s® claimed that they are 100% safe for people with wool sensitivities.

Woolzies Dryer Balls

Did you know that dryer sheets and liquid fabric softeners contain toxic chemicals that leave a chemical residue on clothing.  The chemicals destroy the fire-retardant properties on clothing, and they also make towels less absorbent.  In an article named “Don’t Get Slimed: Skip the Fabric Softener” by Rebecca Sutton, PhD, EWG Senior Scientist, she explains that fabric softener and dryer sheets coat our clothing with “subtle layer of slimy chemicals”, which is what makes them feel soft.  This chemical layer contains something called “quats”.  She goes on to explain that a leading international authority on asthma, The Association of Occupational and Environmental Clinics, considers the chemicals in quats as “asthamgens”.  “Asthamgens” are chemicals that can cause healthy people to develop asthma.  Quats also have antibacterial qualities, and several studies have linked the overuse of antibacterial products with the increase in food and environmental allergies in children.

I loved the idea that Woolzie’s® Dryer Balls are completely natural, and that by using them it keeps nasty chemicals, slime, and “asthmagens” off our clothing!  We have already changed many other products in our home to more natural and green options, so I was excited to add these dryer balls to our greener, healthier routine.


I just so happened to be doing laundry the day the Woolzie’s® Dryer Balls arrived at my home.  I had already done the colors and darks loads, and just had the white’s left to dry. My white’s load is usually my smallest load, especially in the summer when we wear less socks and more sandals.  I placed all 6 balls in the dryer with my whites load.  The first thing I noticed, was that they dryer balls were a little noisy as they bounced around in the dryer.  However, as I used them on future loads, I found that the larger the load, the quieter the dryer balls were.  My dryer has sensor dry settings, so I always use the “more dry” setting to dry our clothes.  I was happily surprised when the dryer buzzed about 5 minutes earlier than it normally does when I dry whites. So yes, they really do reduce drying time like they claim!  Less drying time equals saving money on my gas bill! I was excited to see if the Woolzie’s® Dryer Balls actually stood up to their other claims too.  However, the first thing I noticed when I opened the dryer door was that it was dark in the dryer. The light went out. I don’t know if it was coincidental or if all the bouncing around of the balls caused the light to go out, but either way the light went out.  I quickly found out that dryer bulbs are specialty bulbs and can only be purchased at appliance part stores.  One little bitty bulb cost me $5 to replace, and the woman at the parts store said that some bulbs run upwards of $20. Ouch!  Is a light really necessary in a dryer?  Well, no I guess not, since the light has no bearing on drying the clothes, but it is nice to be able to see that last little sock hiding in the back.

I have to admit though that after I got over the light going out, I was pleasantly surprised with how well the Woolzie’s® Dryer Balls performed! I wash clothes weekly, and have done laundry twice since that first load of whites.  All subsequent loads in various colors and sizes all came out soft, and virtually static and wrinkle free.  Also the drying times were shorter by about 5-10 minutes per load.  Nice little added plus, I have had no reaction to using the wool balls, so the claim that they are 100% safe for people with wool sensitivities is totally accurate!  The balls worked just as good, if not better than any fabric softener I have previously used. The clothes did not have a flowery or perfumey smell to them, but they did smell clean and fresh.  However, if you love for your clothes to have a scent, Woolzies® does include instructions for applying pure essential oils so that the clothes have a scent. There are also instructions on how to reduce static further by simply using some plain aluminum foil.  Static has not been a problem so far, but I am guessing this might come in handy during the dry winter months when absolutely everything has static.

Did I mention Woolzies® are GUARANTEED to last for ONE THOUSAND (yes that’s 1,000) loads??  The balls sell for $34.95 for a box of 6, which sounds expensive, however here is a comparison…

1000 loads equals 8.33 boxes (120 count) of Bounce Fabric Softener sheets, which sells for $6.84/box on Amazon.  That’s $57.00 for 1000 loads!  OR 1000 loads equals 12.5 boxes (80 count) of Seventh Generation fabric softener sheets, which sells for $7.98 for two boxes on Amazon.  It will cost you $49.87 for 1000 loads!  They look a little more economical now, don’t they?  Yep, in the long run, they are monetarily cheaper, chemical free which is healthier for your family, 100% eco-friendly which is better for the environment, AND they will also save you money on your energy bills since the drying time is less!

I cannot say enough good things about this product!  You definitely will not regret it if you give them a try!  Please check out their Woolzies® web page, and give them a like and a follow on their Facebook page, and their Twitter page!
I received a package of Woolzies® Dryer Balls for free using in exchange for my honest review of their product.  The opinions are my own and were in no way influenced by Tomoson or Woolzies®.  I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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